a short story

Today is my birthday. I buy a cake. A triangle cake. I like this cake. I put it on a plate on the table. I cut it into pieces with a knife.  I pick up a piece of it and put it in the mouth. I bite it. I lick it. It is yummy. It tastes sweet. There are creams on the top of cake.
I drop the cake on the floor accidentally. I feel sad. I lick the cake off the floor. The floor is dirty. I clean it. I wash it.
I have another piece of cake. I treat my friend. My friend has short hair and small face. She is nice. She is beautiful.  She is very kind with the soft voice.
She said she prefers hard cake than soft one. She usually buys the cake in the shop near to her house. She would like to eat the cake with strong tea.

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  1. 龙飞虎 Chris说道:


    I would probably say “I bought a cake” because it seems from the rest of your story that you already have the cake.