Am I really busy??

Hey guys! I am here to seek the advice from all of you. I am a Kungfuenglish new learner. Actually the only problem I met is I can’t learn English consistently due to quite busy working life, I guess so. I do know this maybe is my problem of time arrangement. So, it really makes me frustrated, and it is always like, I want to, but, end up by I failed to do so.

As I get knowing more about the way of Kungfuenglish learning,  I deeply believe in it really could help me speak English fluently like a foreigner, but the thing is I have to take action first!! (cry) I aim to communicate with handsome foreign MEN all around in this world!! God please help me!! Okay, i know, i should help myself……..

Haiz…….anyone can share your experiences to me? I would be so appreciate of your kindly sharing (smile><)

Awaiting for your comment, peace(hihi..)

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