Welcome to the Kungfu English Personal Learning Diary Site!

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Welcome to the Kungfu English Personal Learning Diary Site!

This site has been set up especially for learners of the Kungfu English system to write diary posts and document their English learning journey.

When you are learning English, it is important to make a record of your experiences because, as you learn, it’s important to remember where you have come from so it’s much easier to see your own progress over time. It’s also important to write down insights about your learning that you discover on the way.

As a beginning learner, with very little English, you can write your diary in Chinese with a focus on your experiences – insights, challenges, interesting experiences, frustrations etc.

As your English begins to improve, and you can start writing some things in English then you can begin to write your diary entries in English! Of course, you will start with simple and short pieces, and then write more and more.

You can also upload videos of yourself talking English. Each video you upload is a “snapshot” of your English level at that time. After a few months, when you go back and view earlier videos that you have made, you’ll be amazed at the improvements you see.

What sort of things do you put into your diary?

You can write about:

  • Your English learning experience
  • The things you have been focusing on to learn that day
  • Any sudden understandings about English words or grammar that happen for you as you are learning
  • New insights that come to you
  • Even dreams where you discover you are dreaming in English

At the end of the day, it’s your diary. Write what you like!

It’s that simple!

I look forward to reading the personal learning journey of everyone who is on the Kungfu English journey.

Chris Lonsdale