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suit bow tie

he is a Gentleman he always wear suit and bow tie and often looks so handsome. 

Today he wearing suit and bow tie to meet him girlfriend

Do you like this blue suit and the grey bow tie?


dress gown        

girls like to wear beautiful dress and gown. 

gown is a longer dress and usually wear it to go party or somewhere. 

Ladies wearing dress and gown is so beautiful. 


party outfits

I don’t have beautiful party outfit. Are you free this afternoon and Do you want to go to shopping with me?  

You party outfits looks beautiful where did you buy them?


Journey bored

This Journey l feel bored. l want to to and see beach but I’m lost and l want to go again but it rains every day. 

lm so sorry you had a boring journey. 

A:What does your journey? it is interesting? 

B:No. I think bored. 



hungry thirsty

Mum ~lm so hungry and thirsty when can we have dinner? 

Is there anything to eat or drink? lm so hungry and thirsty. 

If you are hungry or thirsty, you can have to something to drinks and snacks first. 


lost Hooray!

lm lost but someone would like to help me to go there. Hooray!

If you lost. Don’t worry!you can say :”Hooray!”to yourself and Enjoy the scenery around you.

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