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2019/04/28 how to practice pronunciation

in the past half month ,some  pronunciation i can’t say it current . i can’t say  faceFonics pronunciation ,today i had learned how to practice .

use your face 肌肉 ,tongue ,mouth . put the tongue in different area ,open you mouth wide or narrow ,big or small ; felling you face   肌肉 . until you pronunciation sounds like faceFonics teacher says . 

you need practice everyday , more times .  you can get these skills about one month .

i fell my write skills is badly , i can’t write well  now . but but i will not  give up write . the more you witter the more you do it better .

pronunciation , say , listen ,write   , hold on . 


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  1. 龙飞虎 Chris says:

    I can understand everything you have written. It’s not perfect, but the meaning is clear 🙂

    肌肉 is “muscles” in English. So you would say, “use your face muscles.” And, “feel the muscles in your face”.

    Practicing a little every day will give very good results.

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