A Interesting discover

When I listened the phrase that it’s “wiped it out”, I found it different to what I said, When I say it I was used to spell the“wiped” alone, and spell the“it out” together, it was made me comfortable that when I used that way to spell. However , When I listened the author spell it, It was different to me. The author spelled the “wiped it” together , and spelled the“out” alone, and the important is that when I copied the author’s way to spelled , I can’t copied it. It was strange, In the started, I thought my muscles of mouth and muscles of my face don’t fit to say the phrase yet, But When I listened many time seriously, I found that when the author spelled the “wiped it”, he was omitted the “i”, he was spelled the “wiped it” to the “wiped t” . This is interest and important discover. Then I practiced many time , Finally I can spell it fluently like author.

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