A pair of chum at a weekend

It was Saturday. The day before,Anne invited her best friend Jeaness to come to her home in the morning, so she was excited and got up very early. She rapidly brushed her teeth ,washed face and had the breakfast. For not missing the ring of the doorbell, she sat on  a chair near the door. At 10 to nine, the doorbell rang, Anne opened the door immediately, it just was Jeaness. Two girls hugged and come to the room hand in hand. Anne took two ice cream from the refrigerator and gave one to Jeaness. They all licked the ice cream then laughed loudly. After they had eaten up the ice cream, Anne played the piano, Jeaness sang songs. Jeaness has a soft nice voice. Anne played very well. They sang one after one, felt very happy. What a pair of chum. What an awesome weekend.

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