All About Copying

All about copying

         Copying is often said to be bad, especially nowadays when intellectual property rights are thought highly of so much. Although we should protect intellectual property rights which means protecting people’s intellectual labor, copying shouldn’t be so despised. Looking at the progress of human society, no matter art or science or technology, copying exists every time and everywhere. Because it is the most effective way to make something new. It costs the least. You can work on the achievements of other people. You do not need to work from zero.
       As for learning a second language, it is not possible a process of creating. it cannot help to be a process of copying. The pronunciation and intonation could only be learned by copying. And there is another aspect of copying which is copying from those successful foreign language learners’ strategies. Those successful language learners have some mental, physical, emotional strategies. They make use of these strategies to learn the language quickly and effectively. Therefore it is better to copy their strategies, then we can make our own language learning interesting and quickly.

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