boy’s a day

               Look for the book

Today,myself in the home,it is happy a day. he walk to the door and closed it. walk to the television and turn on it. He climb up the ladder to the bed. look for the book on top of the bed. no find it. He look for it underneath the pillow,no find again. He climb down the ladder,take the chair and put it beside the bookcase,then he standing on the chair look for his book. he is careless fall down on the floor. he didn’t cry,Because the chair is small and short. He standing up and kick the chair to far. he walk around the room then standing in the middle of the room and think. where is it? He look a box on  behind of the door,walk to the box and open it. he put your right hand in the box,nothing. He put your head in the box,nothing here. He look a big box under the table. walk to the box under the table. he pull the box but it didn’t move. The box is too heavy. he open the box. wow !have more toys in the box. tiger and lion and Bird and forg…,the forg can jumping. what is this? The bottle is beautiful. he turn on it. oh it is nail paint. he did seen his sister used it. He paint his fingernails and his toenails. It is beautiful!I like it!he is tired and lie down on the floor is sleeping. He does a dream,He climb onto the elephant’s back and ride it. he climb onto the tiger’s back and ride it. Fall down off the tiger’s back. A scream after him wake up in the dream. 

























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