Challenging the Impossible (Lesson 403)

Challenging the Impossible (Lesson 403)

In 40-41 pages, the author talk about the impossible thing can changed the possible thing. For example, the climbing height about the top of the peak of Mount Everest, and the record of the every four years the Olympic Games. As the author’s point, If you break the viewpoint of thinking it impossible, you can do it. You can do it whenever you want to.


Obviously, I agree with above this point. There is an example of myself. It’s start with my body. One day I found out I had a problem with UV allergies. I forgot exactly how, I just remember I was walking a long time on the sunshine. About 3 hours or 5 hours? whatever, time is doesn’t matter. The important thing I stressed it’s serious when I came back the indoor. The result is my skin is red, and blister. I felt itch and dizzy. Then my friend take me go to the hospital. In the end, I recover my skin after two weeks indoors. At this time, I stayed indoors in daytime, just went out of ouside at night. So I really is afraid of the longtime sunshine.


But there are some differences this year. On the one hand, I started to learn the KFE from May, on the other hand, I would like to exercise. The divisive things is I have no time. So I have to try to change my exercise way. Before that time, I always go to gym, then go to strength training and run a half hour to the end. Afterward, I found that it’s possible to change my transporting way for exercise! I just cycle to work and off work. So not only I save my time to learn a foreign languae, but also it’s can prove five times a week for exercise. Then the next problem is the UV allergies. I have to overcome it. So I bought the protective clothing and the cycling sunglasses. Then I start riding during the hottest season in my city. I think I have much courage.


In the end, I’m still riding to today. Because of the correct sunshine protective methods, my body feel ok. I feel good through cycling. Now I’m riding fast and fast. I challenged the impossible. The result I did it. I had a habit about cycling. My body is stronger,too.


Speaking of impossible, there is a myth that a fairy lived on the moon with a rabbit in ancient China. With the outer space exploring, people more and more understand themoon. But I still think the moon has no living things. Because it dosen’t have oxygen and the sunlight is not uniform. So I think it’s impossible for people living on the moon.

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