chapter 2 “the adult advantage”

chapter 2
“the adult advantage”
1,what is the adult advantage?
2,is second language learning easier for adults or for children? why?

1,as the author says, in an ideal world, after scientific experiment, there are two stuies about the learning a new language progress. this process controls time so that the adults exposed to language to the same foreign language as the children. the result tell us, hour for hour, adults learn a foreign language more quickly than children do. because the adults have the the adult advantage.

so what’s meaning about the adult advantage? according to the author’s explanation, the adults know more and more. they know many more of the concepts in the world, thether it’s the language or the daili life. in the learning process, they replace the learning ones with the one they know, and then become familiar with them even remember them. but the chilgren are totally blank. the children learn the languge while learning the concepts about the world. absolutely, the adult have other advantage, they also had known how to write and some skill about learning. they can use these skills to support your language learning as well.

2, according to the author’s point, in the same case, the adults learn a foreign language more qulickly than the children do. because adults have many advantages over children. adult have the knowledge of the world, an understanding of how words connect.

in fact, i don’t completely agree with the author’s view.
the author also wrote about the reason why some adults can’t learn a second language well. it’s actually quite simple. they have no time to study. the author’s example is a family who has newly moved abroad. the parents will have busy to work, live or anything else. they don’t have no time to focus, no energy to learn and no exposure to the second language. after a month,they just live in own enviroment with your mother tongue in the overseas.

the turth is even the adults live in their own country, they still don’t have time to learn a foreign languge. like i mentioned above, the learning research of adult and children’s learning efficiency is an ideal situation. in fact, the adult need to do more many things in life. most adult must work, and not all jobs make time to learn a language. some jobs even require overtime. omg, some of the people around me are working overtime even for a week. not even enough time to sleep. of course, there are still many people who are occupied by short videos. and adults need to deal with the relationship with native language. in the end, adult want to learn a second language, they can’t learn language. at the very least, children can communicate with the classmates and the teacher in english. so i said that from the beginning, whether it is live a new country, it is difficult for adult and children to equate their learning time. children play in addition to learning.

on the author’s second point, i also have a new perspective. the author said, adults have some skill and tricks can help themselves to learning a new language. in fact, many people would more comfused most at the time. the glass of water, for example. as the author’s point, learning a new language is like making a new drink, like juice, you can poured the orange juice and the water that is means you learned mother tongue into a new glass,then there is a new drink,which we call that learning new language . in fact, many more people, so-called learning a new languge just making a drink in the same glass. they may not be able to distinguish between two languages while learning. the result is this person the more harder they learn,the chaos they poor…

as a matter of fact, the author ‘s point meaningful. there are too many adults are discouraged by a foreign language,ie: english, japanese,italian. sometimes, they will feel depressed when learning a language,because they don’t learn the language as a child. the scientific research proved the result, adult could learn faster and effectively with some time and right method.

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