Chapter 6

In our life , all the language and new words is make by useful and we needs to use for commnication let people to understand . All the meaning come from background ,that is mean if this vocabulary don’t have background will be not happen with meaning ,all the voca has main meaning and we needs to  use on different situations so creat and become multipuls meanings.

All the menory If we want to maker depper from the shortterm menory to the long term menory ,we needs to have two concepts Informations + emotion = long term menory ,Yes or yes , that me explain about this simiulation. Vocabulary is information right , emotion will be positive midcept using picture make s deep in our mind ,thinking creative being extrduated just like child. If you do that will be term in to kong term menory .We don’t have that menory , the main things is not about not enough informations but when we grow up we lose emotions, this is main situations we needs to slove right now.

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