In my opinion the born talent are very importance because this is the way can makes you succeed and let you get a job  is what you like and you fources on it.My nephiw has a lot of talent ,he get great score at high school and that is good ,because he can have a good persontage to get succeed than other people.But if he don’t have a goal ,and no study hard than succeed will far away from him. 

     Those who don’t have talent ,what should you do ? Like me, well I want to said sorry about that ,that is true ,life is unfair,but if you study trible hard than those who has talent ,also have a goal you will approach the goal. Study English is the same way, you can learn just needs to super hard trying to get succeed.

    It is possible to learn how to learn a language ,although you don’t have talent ,but if you have cough and this cough just like a great teacher to makes student succeed not think this student are so special and give up him, no one help him ,he or she is quiet hard to succeed , we are a smart animals , but we needs to get a lot of help , because we are human, when we young we can not walk but the other animals can walk when they born or around 4-6 hours ,we can not do that, but we learn alot of things, the other animals only learn how to flight to get food and marrire.

    I think the method is very significans , although you study hard ,if do not have a good method ,eventhrough you study there still hard to succeed and easy to give up on the half path. Than If you want to do again you will hard to begin ,by the ways If we don’t know a good method to study ,and you can not menory anything in than you can not study well, that is mean 0+0 =0 Because your mind always not knowledge go in .

  I think 2 things is foundermental you needs to do one is the food good for brain can let brain have energy to work and you will not get too tired. the other is mind because your mind contoal your body ,if your mind is nagative your body is nagative your action will be nagative ,in the oppsite ways , If your mind is positive your body is positive and your actioon will be positive and you will succeeud and positive midset is good for our body .

       Again positive mindset is importance and you must have a enviroment to communicate and put the knowleade in and speak out to the world ,because you must have income and out come you do not only doing half than will be doesn’t work.  

  We hold the mind that is mean we keep positive midset like baby ,we are carious than we will learn anything fast not just for the language.

  I think as I metion before ,you needs to have a great teacher to led your succeed , most successful people are those who get help led to succeed and you have to study hard and that it ,in you life what you needs a great teacher to develope your intelligent and a good friend to support your heart . again you need to study hard and succeed is there.


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