communiate ,don’t grammarate

I found one of my major promblems today when I listened to the BrainSoaking “communiate,don’t grammarate”today.I always focused on the grammar  when  I wanted to say something .For instance , I  always think if there is “the ” behind the “of”when  I want to say ” He throws the book out of window “. And another idea “Meaning mattes more ” also gave me much relief . Now I feel much better and It’s easier for me to speak what I see and what I hear . I just need to focus on what  I want to say .I might only say a word or phrase or small stentence ,but I feel much better .

 I know there are 650 lessons in the path: “Zero to fluency Enlish “,and my first goal is lesson 337 . So far I learn two lessons  every day  on everage.And  I have learned to lesson134,I will need about 100 days to reach my goal ,that means  I can reach my first goal after three months . It’s a great news for me . I have learned English  in school for many years ,but unfortunitily  I don’t speak as  I wish .This frustrated me all the time .I will keep learning this time until reach my goal .I have second goal : I  want to finish the whole lessons in one year .Thank  Kungfu English .

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  1. Kfe7600494 says:

    Fighting.Almost all the students who are learning English are struggling.I’m a member of them.Today I learned to the 429 lesson.I started learning Kungfu English on Feb 15th,this year.At the beginning, I learned 1.5 lessons per day.Then 5,then 3,and 1.5 or 2 now.My first goal is the 450 lesson.The process of learning is very interesting, and enlightens my mind. Wish you approach your task.

    • cathy says:

      Thanks for your encourage, I have a make-up story assignment with L2B session 27 to session 33 .But I have no any clues to start .Do you have any better idea ? How did you do that ? Thank you !

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