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Today I would like to share one thing happened in this morning. 

My daughter Rachel is 2.5 years old, and she is glad to go to school every day. Everyday teachers would sterilize kid’s hands with spray before entering school. Today Rachel was told she didn’t have to be sterilized because she had food in hand. Suddenly, she cried loudly and gave her food for me. I don’t know what made she cry in that moment, I just thought that maybe she still wanted to be sterilized. On the way to work, I realized that Rachel cried was caused by some misunderstandings. The teacher waved her hands and told to Rachel that she didn’t need to be sterilized. Rachel didn’t understand what the teacher said, she only saw that teacher waved hands and told her some words. 

She misunderstood with the teacher’s expression, and thought that she can’t take the food enter the school. So she returned the food for me. 

From this event, it let me think about what mentioned in Kungfu English. 

Language is not only composed by words and voice, it also included of body languages and voice tone.  If we pay more attentions on children’s learning process, we would find that making mistake can’t be avoided in communication. It would help us to grow up rapidly!

Just share it with everyone!

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  1. Paul Pang says:

    Rachel, What A Lovely name! She must be in pain and confusion…I likes Your Positive attitude about Learning, attitude determines Our altitude:) warmest regards,

  2. 康江涛 康江涛 says:

    you are awesome. i enjoy the story, i know and understand all of words expect sterilize(消毒).

  3. 邓永佳 邓永佳 says:

    Fantastic!It is a good story!

  4. This is a really interesting story. Thank you for sharing!

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