daily writing

today, i will tell you a story,although its false,haha , i have a nephew,he is my sisters son,now,he is three year old, he looks so handsome,once i remember,he always run around my house ,when we have a lunch,my sister have to run after him, its very tired, this time my sister is very angry with him, she want to pat him with the stick, first,my nephew also run to the door and window ,or under the table or go into the toilte, he doesnt know what will happen,his mother hold the stick running after him, he felt dagerous, run quickly ,finally,his mother caught him, thats a maidream for him, she asked him standing  in front of the door for thirty minutes, thirty minutes later, she scream to him to stand beside the table and feed himself, but he cant do it ,i came to here,and sit next to him, teach him how to use the chopsticks and fork and spoon, he likes eating dumplings so much , so i put three dumplings into his small bowl beside the empty bottle, he is very happy,and look at me it seems to say i want to have some , its not enough,  so i have to put another dumpling into his bowl,finally he eats all dumplings , he is full and sit on the sofa to see the television. and touch his tummy, its so funny.

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