A:Hi, this is Mary, who’s that?

B:Hello, it’s Rose, may I speak to Dora?

A: Hold on, please ,let me see if she is here.

A: Sorry, she is not here.

B:Never mind, could you please ask her to call me back.

A:Sure, bye.

B: Bye.


At 6:00 pm

B:Hey, Dora. Where are you now.?I’m waiting near the entrance of the cinema.

C:Hello Rose, I’m standing in front of the bus stop. I can get there in five minutes on foot.


5minutes later

B: Come here, Dora. I’m a bit hungry, let’s get some food first.

C: Okay, let’s buy two tickets and some snacks.

B: Good idea, look, who is that?

C:I thought she was my colleague Mary.

B:Who is the man beside her?

C:Maybe her boyfriend .

B:Oh ,they are a great couple.

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