Diary- I love this game!

      League of Legends is good game, but it is too old that had been ten years. When it was born, I liked it very much. I often played with my friends.This game is not difficult,but it’s not easy! If you want to win,you must create a team.Because it’s a 5 to 5 game. Although you play very well,you still lose if your partners is not good.

      Actually,I haven’t play it for a long time.When you need to work, you have no time .I often watch the match online. Even though I want to play,I can’t win it.There are a lot of reasons, something like I am old, or my friends are not free to play with me,or young men play very well.This is why I am an observer now.

       The other day,the game has a new game mode TEAMFIGHT-TACTICS. I love this new  mode.You can play with seven other random players,and you don’t need speed to control your heroes.You can win with your strategies and techniques.You must try to create many different combination of heroes and equipments for the victory.This new mode is more suitable to me.I love this game!