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Disney’s movie

Today I want to share some movies which are easy to know. They are Disney’s movie, such as Monsters, Inc. Wreck-It Ralph, Coco, etc.

Those movies are easy to know, the English is not too difficult, so we can get the main meaning without the subtitle. Even we don’t know what they are talking about, we can guess, use something we have already learned to guess what they try to describe.

Not only learning the English, but also we can learn something of our life in those movies, like Monsters, Inc. laugh is much more powerful than scream, Wreck-It Ralph told us that one guy bad or not, it depends on one’s heart, not what this guy looks like, and we can also know forgetting is real death in Coco.


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  1. Paul Pang says:

    Fascinating! I loves animation also! and enjoy every moment of it. Baby Boss,Cars,Up…I am grateful You share it with Us:)Sincere,

  2. These are really nice movies. Thank you for sharing!

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