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dog and cat

Yeaterday,I bought a dog and a cat. In my opinion,they are very cute.I pited the cat and the dog’s  head gently.I rubbed the table top and then put the cat on the table.I found a and wirite down the cat’s name,a lovely name,JiaoZI.Then,folding and putting on the shelf so as to forget the cat’s name and I can find it.  I sood in front of the table writed the dog’s name on the box on the floor because the box it’s his home.I put the hat on dog’s head.Hoever, the dog bit my arm.I was so angrg,so I pited its nose but I broke my arm.
Finaly,I went bed.

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  1. 龙飞虎 Chris says:

    This is really nice! Well written. 🙂 I can imagine you putting the hat on the dog’s head! Very cute.

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