drawing of picture

Yestday,we went to the park,we want to draw a picture of this autumn,Ihad a good seat,i unfold the paper on the drawingboard,i touch the paper top and looked arond,the rive in front of me,some brids standing by the rive side.

first i draw a picture of the birds but a few miutes i pick up the erser from my bag,and erses the picture of the birds,beacuse,i want to draw a picture of the rive first.suddenly i did not enjoy it,a young man and the young woman were sitting behind me,they talking loudly,i got angry,i could not pay attention on my drawing

i turned round and said:please keep quite! the young woman pat her head and said:no,the young man pat his thunny to luagh

i push the chair and fold the paper and pick up my drawingboard and go


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