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3z, e, 功夫英文 – 博客网站 | English thinking begin with use English ask question - 功夫英语 - 博客网站 English thinking begin with use English ask question - 功夫英语 - 博客网站

English thinking begin with use English ask question

today I spend more than 2.5 hours to lean lesson 61 and lesson 62 . in the past , every lesson spend about 30-50 mins ,but today I spend more than an hour in a lesson . maybe I repeat the pronunciation more times .

in the afternoon ,the coach OA told me , my diary has been reply by Mr Chris .I’m so exciting ,Mr Chris says:”if you want got a good result follow the kungfu English is the best way ” .and he says :”something is not easy , until you can 100% English thinking” . he is right , many English learner can read and writer ,but can’t talk .why was that ,may be they didn’t build English thinking , they always  use mother language to translate to English ,so they can’t fluency say anything . English thinking is very important .

when I writing ,sometimes I can use English thinking ,sometimes when I don’t know what I want to writer ,I will use Chinese thinking and translate to English .may be it’s a bad habit ,but I can’t always use English thinking . English thinking begin with use English ask question , from now on when I thinking I will try to use English .

in my past diary ,I fell many grammar is wrong , but I don’t know how to correct it . I asked the coach OA  :”excuse me ,I want to know which lessons I can learn grammar , I am so weak at that ” .she give me some picture ,I  can see  the nearest grammar lesson is 77 . I’m look forward to learn it .

1.the dogs are barking ,what’s happening ?

2.the little boy can’t catch the ball ,the ball is too big for he .

3.the boy ride a street board ,it’s cool .

4.I’m thirsty , I want to have a icecream and a bottle of water . the icecream is yummy ,and the freezing water is cool .

5.when I win the hop race , I make a smile expression and get a badge .(hop , expression ,badge )

6.rub my tummy is comfortable .

7.Pat the cute white cat .

8.raise up my left leg ,and put down my right hand in the water .

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