english writing

I will tell many cute small animals story to everyone.there are tigers,horses,lions,elephants and kids.here is a communicating where animals and kids can get along with each other.

    One day,a kid is playing.he skip forward and backward.he hop around the park,run and walk around the car.he climb up the side of the bilding till the top namely roof of bilding.then climb down from bilding.he proudly point at the top of the bilding and say:

    I am very good.suddenly he feel hungry.he run back home.take some breads from fridge.put them into the oven.stand beside it and wait .finished eating,he go to the park.he want to play with small animals.

      he walk along the road to the park.after entering,he see the tiger that is lying down in the middle of the park.he see the elephants.walk over and pull the elephant’s ear.but he saw a snake.he is afraid.he run away from the snake.climb onto the lion’s back.then climb down and went home

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