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follow the course rhythm is the best way

today I had learned lesson 60 , L2B is become longer ,I need to more than 10 mins to learn it .in the past time ,I spend less time on  practice pronunciation and self-talk . last evening I really know , use English is very very important , if you don’t say anything , the result you can’t say anything .

so today ,I change my habit , I practice to self-talk and say what I see .in my opinion , always talk in English ,can build you English thinking ,when you see or feel something ,you can say it quickly .  

I grasp a little felling in English thinking ,how to prove it ? when I writing , I didn’t use Chinese thinking .although I can’t write well now ,but I’m adhere to writing . why I do that ,because I believe gongfu English , a gongfu English learner share his studying story to us ,he said :”in the beginning ,I  thinks  the knowledge is to easy ,so I  find another way to learning , two months later , I didn’t got a good progress . so I  following the gongfu English course rhythm . another two month later ,I can understand my work partners  what are they saying ,it’s amazing , so I suggest everyone following the gongfu English course rhythm” .

when I know this story , I believe gongfu English deeply . in the beginning ,I also think the lesson is to easy ,but I follow the course rhythm . 

today I practice many sentence .

1.I want to put the cola into the fridge ,the cold cola is better than  normal one

2.close the water tap after washing hands 

3.the blue car is very beautiful ,the wheels is black 

4.it’s hot today , I want to buy a par of slippers , I like blue color .

5.the watermelon looks delicious .

6.I’m tired ,I want to go to sleep

OK ,goodnight ,tomorrow is a hopeful day .

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  1. 龙飞虎 Chris says:

    This is really interesting. Thank you for sharing! It’s good that you can start to grasp a little feeling in English thinking.

    I like the sentences that you were practicing today 🙂

    Concerning your point about the content being too easy, even when it seems easy, it really isn’t until such time as you are thinking 100% in English. THEN it is easy 🙂 You are right. The best way to get a good result is just to follow the Kungfu English rhythm.

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