Focus on the goal, Enjoy process

If you have a fit goal ,this is a great thing. But I want to know that whether you only care achieve goal,then hate the process of achieve goal. Many people have a goal,but most of people only want achieve goal early,They dont like process. When they must go through the process of achieve goal,They would become impatient,and They dont enjoy the happy of process. They are simple see the journey as an obstacle,and must clean the obstacle use any way. And they also realize that the process couldnt all miss,so they are see the process as a step of hate but must do it. Whereupon,they are try ones best to let the process is more short than better,less challenge is better.

In my learn English process. I had severe those thought. I set a goal that its master English. But I only want achieve goal early,I always impatient for the process,I cant calm down to learning. In the later,I was hated learn English,I was doubted myself whether could master English. This is very difficult time. But I still walked out it. I was changed my thought .

Actually,  most of people are same,We have same expect for goal,But some excellent are different,tThey are cherish the journey of go to the goal,they know that the way will zigzag,but still have happy and value,sometime is not. They are different with averages,They wouldnt disregard another of life. They are clearly know the life is component from go through the journey of goal.

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  1. 龙飞虎 Chris says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I’m sure, writing this must have been quite challenging. Well done!

    You are right, enjoying the process is a key part of achieving your goals.

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