Going to the new stadium

    They walked out of the school together. Anne seemed unhappy.               

    ‘Anne,What happened? Why are you dispressed?’ Jeaness asked.
    ‘I lost the pen, my favorite pink one,’ Anne sighed.

    ‘What a pity. But don’t be so upset, forget it,’ Jeaness said, ‘My uncle  gave me a dozen of pens last week. There happen to be one pink. I’ll bring it to you tomorrow.’
‘You are so kind,’ Anne smiled at Jeaness, ‘Thank you, Jeaness!’

   ‘Don’t mention it. We’re  friends,’ Jeaness said.

    ‘Anne, did you know that a new stadium opened the day before yesterday. My brother went to it yesterday. He said that it’s big and modern. Let’s go and have a look at it.’ Jeaness said excitedly.
    ‘Yay!’ Anne agreed and asked, ‘Is it far? How to get there?’
    ‘We can take the number 18 bus to the peoples’s square. The new stadium is near there,’ Jeaness answered.
    They walked  along the street. When they got to the nearest bus stop, the number 18 bus just arrived. They got on the bus hurriedly. They rode six stops then  got off at the people’s square stop.

    They didn’t know which direction they should go. Just then they saw a police officer standing on the side of the road.

    They walked to him and asked, ‘Excuse me,sir, could you tell us where is the stadium that was  opened recently?’
    ‘Walked straight about one hundred meters you can see the Starbucks, the stadium is just at the opposite,’ the police officer answered.

    ‘Thank you very much!’ Both girls said.
    Five minutes later, the two girls stood at the gate of the stadium. It is bigger than they thought. When they had visited all parts of the stadium and were ready to go home, it was dark outside.  Just then, they heard a voice behind them,  ‘Can I give you a lift?’ They turned round, it was Jeanes’s brother. Both girls were so happy. The three youngs went back together and they talked about the new stadium all the way home.

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