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happy day

A:How do you say that in English?                                             B:Banana.                                                    A:No,I don’t understand!Please speak more slowly.                                  B:OK.Ban-ana,Banana.                   A:oh,I got it,thank you!I please you go restaurant.                                                B:OK .you’re welcome. Let’s go!                      A:what would you like to eat?       B:i’d like some beef,AndI d’like song hot about you?        A: I’d like some chicken, And I’d like some hamburger.What would you like to drink?                 B:i’d like a some water ,I’m thirsty!                                                  A:Here you are.                                      B:Thanks.                                           A:Mmmm!it’s so delicious!The chicken is my favorite food.           B:The hotdog is delicious ,to.The hot dog is my favorite food.           A:it’s 6 o’clock.goodbye!                 B:bye-bye.






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