Home work for L2B 19

Point words and sentence:

Trousers, rope,shirt,towel,facecloth,wear

Hang the trousers on the rope.

Hang the dog on the hook on the wall.

Take the towel off the hook.

Take the facecloth off the hook.

Wear the shirt/trousers/cap/hat…

Put on the cap/hat/trousers/shirt…

Put the cap on your head.

Take off

Take off the cap/hat/trousers/shirt…

Before I out of the door after get up the bed,I away do these things :


0, take off my sleepcloth

1,pick up the trousers from the rope,pick up the shirt from the hook,

put on the trousers and shirt.

2,take the town and facecloth off the hook then wash my face and tooth with my toothbrush.

Then Hang these things on the hook on the wall.

3,drink a cup of coffee

4,say goodbye to my cat who is wear the shirt and hat

5 put on my cap then outside

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