1. daily:happening or done every day

Daily flights to China.

  1. disk:a small flat piece of plastic or metal which is used for storing computer or electronic information

Is this your disk?

  1. diary:a book in which you write down the things that happen to you each day.

I kept a dairy during my eighteen years old.

  1. junk:old or unwanted objects that have no use or value.

This cupboard’s full of junk.

  1. rhyme:a short poem or song.especially for children.using words that rhyme.

I love his use of rhyme and rhythm.

Making a story using these words

A:Lily.What’s wrong?You look depressed.

B:I lost my diary book.Mom.

A:Sorry to hear that.Can you find anything?

B:No.I always put it on the table.Can you help me look for it?

A:Sure.Let’s find it.Oh~What is it?The drawer’s full of junk.

B:This is disk.It’s my eighteenth birthday present.

A:And what are they?

B:They are my envelops.My boyfriend writes many letters to me.Wow,Look these sentences.I love his use of rhyme and the rhythm.

A:Yeah~Do you like him?

B:Yes.We always do the homework together.and I write daily things in my diary book.but now I can’t find it.

A:Oh~Here it is.It’s under the bed.


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