1. thrilled:very exciting,happy,and pleased.

I always go to work about forty minutes on foot.I don’t like go to work by subway or bus.It’s crowd.My dad told me he will buy a new car for me.I am very thrilled when I heard the news.

  1. thrifty:using money carefully and wisely.

My aunt save up her salary.I thought she want to buy a new phone,but she told me she is a thrifty woman that she like buy the cheaper goods.

  1. throughout:in every part of the particular area,place etc.

My grandfather has a large garden.He plant the roses throughout.He said my grandmother like it.It’s romantic.

  1. threaten:to say that you will cause someone harm on trouble if they do not do what you want.

My younger sister cried loudly and told me she met the thief beside the bus stop.The thief threatened her to give him money.It’s dangerous.

  1. thread:a long thin string of cotton,silk etc used to sew or weave cloth.

I’m looking for a needle and thread.I want to make a doll with my old clothes for my daughter.

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