1. snail:a small soft creature that moves very slowly and has a hard shell on its back.

I just saw snail when I were student.My school has many plants.When you squat down beside the plants.You can easy find the snail is walking on the soil.

  1. snatch:to make something away from someone with a quick,often violent,movement.

I like watching Korean soap opera <The Secret Garden>.A show is a man snatch the woman’s purse,the heroine catch the man quickly by motorcycle.It’s so handsome.

  1. snot:an impolite word for the thick MUCUS (=liquid) produced in your nose.

He is ill and stay at home.He want to his mother play game with him.but his mother need to go to work.When his mother go out of the door.He cry loudly with snot.

  1. snuff:to stop a CANDLE burning by pressing the burning part with your ginger or covering it.

A child light the candle beside the bed.and then turn off the light.He want to make a wish that he dad will come back.His mother look at it and snuff the candle with her finger.She told her son is very dangerous.Her son cry softly and ask his mother ‘Mom,Did dad die?’ His mother didn’t answer.

  1. snip:to cut something by making quick cut with scissors.

My mother received three roses and a birthday card.She fells happy ,and snip the roses with scissors ,and put it into the vase.yeah,today is her fifty birthday.

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