homework for Ms. Jeaness(Foreigner Coach)

I had a foreigner exam at yesterday. and I saw my first foreigner examiner:Ms. Jeaness .

Befor the eaxm my coach OE told me don’t be nervous,just relax .Nervous will make me freezing the brain.

But at the exam I still be nervious.  I’m so worried that if I can’t pass the test. I still can only stay in the 原地,can not countinue to learn .

But what can I do for that?  你的成绩不够就是现实啊。

At the eaxm , we talked each other about 30 minute. She askd me why learn english ,introduce my city, my job .   Then she test me some 身心法. (Unfortunately I don’t understand some worlds that she askd me .  I don’t know if Ms. OE heard this words will 扣分.)

And Ms.Jeaness told me to make a story like a normal day.   And I tell a normal story.

At last ,Jeaness let me a homework.   try to write a blog at this blog.so I writed it .

At start test I still nervous,but at the end.I felt very relax, even though I want to have a smok.    mabay  this is the magical for the kongfu english .


At last ,thanks for Ms. Jeaness,  she also is a nice teacher.  Thank you.