I created a story

Jonathan pat his tummy say:I’m full,I was ate too mach,I need to digestion,so we go to walk in park. And no one answer to him,he looking around and pat behind his head say:where is Rowen? And the puppy screaming to him,Jonathan looking at the puppy and squatting down patting the dog’s head say:do you know where is Rowen? The puppy scream again,and taking Jonathan to the sofa,and Jonathan seen Rowen sleeping on the sofa.Jonathan pat his right shoulder say:Hi Rowen,wake up,you just had food can’t sleep,let’s go to walking in park.Rowen heard Jonatan’s voice and awake up,he find that the puppy licking his nose.Rowen rubbing his nose  say:okay, let’s go.Then he turn his body ,stand up,rubbing his tummy say:I need digestion.
Then Jonathan and Rowen go to walking in park, an hour later,Rowen sit down on the bench ,and he pat his right leg and left leg and say:That’s it,I’m very very tired,let’s take some rest.Jonathan say:Okay,Do you need some help?Rowen answer it say:Yeah,could you please help me rub my both sholders?It is slight hurt.Then Jonathan rub rowen’s both shoulders with his both hands. Five minutes later,Rowen say:It is better ,Thank you Joanthan, Let’s go back.Then they go back .
When they opened the door, they seen that The puppy rubbing the table top with it’s behind legs, and they also find that The puppy broken the pencil and dropped it on the table,broken the bread and dropped it on the floor,Not just these, They also seen that It broken the glass,cup,lamp,and window. “Oh my God”,They say together, Then They stopped the puppy, and clean the room.

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