I have finished my frist video

It is snowing today  ,and it is very cold.but i am happy ,i get up early ,i must finish my first english video. that is be later one month  than my promise to coacher teacher  .  make sentence ,read dialogue, seach telephone, of couse ,i dress my suit .When i start to say english ,i forget next sentence ,so i practice,practice,practice,…   at last ,i have finished . it is not possible  perfect ,but it is my frist english video since i have learned kungfu english three years .  i  fell very relax after i sended it to eacher.  open my  mouth,say english loudly,it is difficult to me before . Now ,I am pound of  this .  a little . thanks teacher coach oc ,thanks Master 龙飞虎 。

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  1. Alice Alice says:

    You are the best !

  2. Jack Jack says:

    hi it’s Jack.congratulations, the more you are practice the more you are succeed about learning English and other skills.

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