I learned a word!!”unstable”!you can come to learn!

  • Unstable , my life was so unstable because I didn’t have any good habit in my previous life and didn’t have any plan for doing something in my previous life I was living like animal ,mom said meal time so i go to eat ,mom said it’s school time so i go to school .Just like anybody said something I just follow it but in my brain i hadn’t thought about anything that like I need a plan to do something or what am I going to do in the future or am I just living with my parents forever like they can take care of me forever I hadn’t thought anything about myself. I hadn’t thought anything about my life ,so I was doing anything  with no brain and I also didn’t know what effort is , I didn’t make any effort for doing anything. My life was so unstable ,I alway felt my life was bad cause I never did something with making effort or seriously. my life was truly unstable ,I alway failed to do anything ,anything can change what I was , and I always felt disappointed.i had got nothing in my brain but playing electronic games and do not make any effort to do everything so I alway felt so upset and disappointed and always do the lamenting .somethings being happy in electronic games in the fake world of internet with no brain ,and somethings being disappointed and doing the lamenting in social things and any challenges and being disappointed this was always .Never felt got something inside of me to do things with no giving up until success .there are lot of things I’ve said as reasons for why my life was unstable .

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