I was a jealousy person

When I was young ,I was a grade schooler . I always got jealous of somebody had something I didn’t have.and I really wanted to ruin their things that I didn’t have. In the past my family never had owned a pet.So I always got jealous of my neighbors they had pets such as cats or dogs. So when my neighbors were not in their home, I always went to their home to abuse their pets. I remember a profound experience. I killed my friend’s golden fish just in front of my friend,and just because of jealousness. Now I feel so sorry about that, I could cry a whole day for what I had done! And another profound experience of abusing my neighbor’s pet. That was a cat , i abused that cat mercilessly, i putted that cat into toilet ! And that cat was covered by poop! And whenever that cat tried to slip away from me I just held its tail and used my fest to punch that cat .As I remembering my previous behavior of treating animals.My tear would flow out .and get a sense of guilty .what conclusion to what I was before is If an animal belonged to me I treated it as a friend.If an animal didn’t belong to me, I treated it as a useless toy.

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