IELTS Practice

                                                        Task one 

 The  table gives the information about the persontage which mean is Man and Women during travel and work transpotations ,they are Bus, Car, Motor bike,Bike and On foot.

   In this table the Men used Bus is 32%, Women used Bus is amazing 38% increase 6% ,as you can see Women used bus is more than Men . On the Car side Men is used more than Women Men is 28% ,Women is 27% is 1% so far. On the Motor Bike Men also used more than Women ,Men is 5 % , Women is 2 % ,only 3 person so far . Next is Bike Men still used more than Women they are 2 % so far Men is 18 % Women is 16 %.Last but not least is On Foot ,they are equality ,that is fantastic and it is both 17 %

This is what table analize about.

                                               Task Two

 In the ancient time is the time with face to face that is mean don’t have technology. If the distance is so far that is mean you must use the tools to talk to them , such as evelope. such as when I was childhood I used the evelope to get to the people If I needs to .

  After 5 years old we have cellphone ,you can call to someone but on that times is crazy expensive , the things is, right now the cellphone already upgrade and the social media come out and we stop face to face talking. Althrough we can talk to them more cheaper ,such as face to face on scean .But the problem also come out.

     First right now we have psycologycle problem because of cellphone and social media , you can not really talk to that person by heart ,scean with sean althrough right now you not needs to run around ,Accroding to scientific magzine , a lot of people got depress because of social media ,that is real , for instance ,a lot of people has 1000 friends  on facebook but who is the real friend anyway ,no one right ,because a lot of people didn’t give you any feedback just seen am I right ?  Or maybe they are just said Hi to you mostily ,because of this movement your mind are changes ,because the movement changes your mind ,you become depreesion , Ithink that is why ,in this centry so many disability , social media can kill people ,because a lot of people get suiside also because of social media , that me tell you why ? in the resturat or at home when we eat ,cell phone dume to dume never stop , how many time makes a paceful talking and when the talking always makes argue .So how ,cut down the realtionship ,not relationship is painful in our life ,because when you get street with peer ,school, home, any things in the sociaty , you are painful but not one can help you ,as long as you do that . The trouble coming .This is social media ,this is sociaty .

   We don’t have chocie  technology improve makes our life decrese walk more in the nature breath in the great peaceful air is good for you, Good luck.

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