IELTS Task one map and task2 Education profession in university or useful.

 This two maps gives the information about the place called stokeford changes inside the maps from 1930 to 2010.

  As far as you can see ,in the first map 1930 ,we have a bridge across the river on south east, we also has few house beside the river ,around the house has shops and post office and if you continue to walk south ways.You can see the farmland , on the right side was a huge garden and is for a large house, northways has a primary school and beside the school still  was a huge farmland.   

  But as far as you know something needs to  changes on 2010, which mean is 80 years, stokeford built aa lot of house never before and the shops was gone because more house built up and not farmland anymore , primary school become bigger ,also the garden changes to the retirement home .

 All in all the changes can makes the life get better .

 In our life we have a chance to being succeed and the things is which ways is better than you think that is the succeed way for you .

I am stronger agree the students needs to study what that love in the university .

 The main reason is everyone has different interest, we can not think that is useful ,so tell students if you did not study that subject ,you will got trouble . Of course not ,everyone has a changes to succeed ,but the main idea is how you can let the student to succeed , has two part of it ,one is sociaty ,the other is home . 

So in the home, the parents needs to teach the kids personaity and encourage the kids to find his interest also talk to the university ,makes a great conversation and teach the kids as independent as possible .

  How about the sociaty ,the sociaty needs to gives a chance to let the kids open the mind , they needs have a chance to do the job, trust them can do the job well, they the kids do what they love to do ,enjoy the life , we are only live one times don’t lose it . 

  The university needs to have enough diverse course ,they students to choose to let them get better survive not score , right now the situations is when they graduate the university ,they lose the jobs, because they don’t have ability to get work done , so university must train students how to survive on sociaty. 

 All in all ,everything can changes ,but how to changes ,hopefully it can be slove.

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