It’s a true story!

Last weekend, my wife and I bought something and order fast food at a supermarket.

When we looked for where we can sit and eat the fast food, I found our old friend and his wife were eating at a table.

I walked to them and shouted at: Hello,can I have a sit?

He raised his head, surprised and smiled to me: Long time no see! How are you?

I: Oh, what a pleasant surprise! Long time no see! What do you eat?

My old friend: Spaghetti! What do you order?

I: I want to eat spaghetti, but my wife like to eat steak, so we order steak. How dose it taste?

My old friend: It tastes very delicious!

After we had a sit, we talked about our work and my child study.

When we finished, we ordered some water and beer.

I: Would you like some water or beer?

My old friend: I’d like to have a bottle of beer, my wife want to a glass of water.

I: Ok.

I said to my wife: Would you like a glass of water?

My wife: Ok.

I ordered two bottles of beer and two glass of water.

It was a very nice day!

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  1. Chai King Kiing说道:

    You did it!
    Welcome back to KFE blog. Looking forward your next sharing^_^