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  1. Hello everyone, this is my first time to share my story about how I learning Kung Fu English .
  2. I am not a student, I was worked one year that I working in my city. it is very happy to me. 
  3. I like learning English when I not stay in my university.when I was worked that I realized I need to study English. it’s important to me. but how I learning English . I watched many ways and video , finally I finded I favorite way . it’s about you can learn any language that I got huge confidence. I believed I can learning English. 
  4. when I writied this story that I was not thinking used Chinese . I can think ing by English.
  5. finally , I wanted graduated Kung Fu English teams  and Chris lonsdale. thanks! thanks !

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  1. Jack Jack says:

    sorry. I mean gratituded is graduated.

  2. Alice Alice says:

    Wish your English is getting better and better!

  3. 康江涛 康江涛 says:

    you are amazing! sure ,there are not students here !

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