just want to share

today, i came to school ,my schools name is artecture and technology of xi an unniversity,i dont want to school at all,i sit on the chair,thinking what happened in my last witer vacation, its fast for me ,just like a quick flash,i learned everyday,i think i form a good habit ,its good for me,also,i finish 63th lesson,i spent one-hundred and twenty two minutes to study this lesson,put the tomoto in the hat /box, put the orange/eggs/ in the draw and frigerator and cap and so on,today, my roomates also come to school, they look very happy, i ask them why,they said  they meet me , we have dinner together in my favorite restaurant, i order a bowl of fish and some vegetables,  they said it is very good and delicious and want to go to this restaurant again next time, i will gruate in half of this year from this scool. today is the first day in this semster, i cant remember what i learn today,but its nothing, just go ahead, tomorrow i will go to my tutors office and ask some questions, i m very nervous ,good luck for me ,byebye!

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