just want to share a story

today ,i want to tell you a story,one year ago, i go to my sisters home ,i meet my nephew, he is three years, a small child , i often play with him, he just say a little chinese ,it is hard for him to say fluently, i wall there ,he fllows me , i go up the lift , he run after me , i hide behind the door ,he find me , sometime  he walk forward to the door  alone ,i am very happy for that ,  he sit on the floor beside my desk and my bed , i remember that in that morning ,when i sit up on bed ,he crawl to my bed ,he cant stand up , he just stand straight one month ago,so he must practise everyday and speak chinese,he likes toys, i see he put his head in the box to take the toy of the airplane out of the box ,this year, he will go to school ,and my sister buy a new backpack for him , he like his backpack very much ,so  sometime ,i imagine when he goes to school ,what will happen ,maybe his teacher will hit him using the book or hand slightly ,beacuse  he like to play and flight with other children ,so i hope he will be the best , but  it needs  some times  to change ,for me i  bought new toys for him on his birthday every year ,i like him very much , growing up quickly! today i cant remember i learn kungfu english, i dont want to recall, it is hard for me ,just use the words  i can using

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