L2B 1-8

Today,I practice write KFE L2B  .

I put a paper beside the table. Then I stand up and walk to the door.

I sit down on the chair in front of the door,  I stand up and turn on the light. Because the room is dark. 

I walk to the window and open the window,let fresh air into the home.

Then I turned around and walked to the table turn on the TV.  I’m too tired to watch TV. I want to exercise.

So,I crow to the bed, lie down on the bed.I sit on the bed ,then I stand up and jump twice . I try to push the wall . Then I squat on the bed and jump to the floor from the bed.

I suddenly had an idea!!!  I put the finger in my mouth It’s easy . I try put my foot in my mouth ,it’s difficult .I can’ t do it.Then I put the pencil in my left ear.This hurts, so I stop it.

At this time, my cat came back. I touch  my cat’s ears.it’s lovely.Then I pull the cat’s tail when it walk away from me.

It’s too boring. I can do some the other things. But can’t remember what to do, so learn kung fu English.

So,I wirte this practice  story.

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