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L2B 1-8

There was a village on the mountain many years ago. And there were a little boy and a dog living there. One day, the boy was squating in the yard to play with the mud when a queer dog walked toward him. They played together soon. They walked straight then turned right. The boy opened the door of the yard. At that moment, the boy said to the dog, ‘ I forget to clean up home, I must go home.’ But the dog shoot its head and told the boy it could help him. Then the dog returned his home. It found the home was in a mess. It turned on the light first in order to see environment clearly. Then it turned off the television. And it picked up the chopsticks from the floor and put them on the table. It found the ball was under the chair. Then it put the part of the ball in its mouth and picked up the ball. Then it crawled backward under the chair. It liked the ball so it was very happy. It jumped twice and jumped to the door with the ball. Before it closed the door, it turned off the light. The boy touched the dog’s head and said :’ Well done!’ They played ball beside an apple tree. The boy threw the ball and the dog couthed it. Then the dog threw it and the boy hit the ball by his right hand or left hand. And the dog hit it back by its head. After about one hour, they both felt hungry. The boy found a few apples on the tree. They stood down on the ground and bit apples together. The sky began to grow dark so they stood up from the ground to go home. The boy put apples and the ball in the box. The dog carried the box with its mouth. In the evening, they had dinner together. Before dinner, the boy took forks, knives, chopsticks out of the box. After dinner, the dog washed them and put them in the box. The ball was dirty so the dog dropped the ball in water. When they had done all the housework, the boy turned on the television and they sat in front of the TV. They clapped their hands happily because there was a joke on the TV.

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