language to body26-31创作

Today,i got up too late,after i got up,i unroll the carpet in the middle of the living room,i sat on the carpet and play the gaves,after half an hour,i standed up and walked through the door,i walked to the washbasin,and turned on the hot watter tap,while i squeeze the toothpaste onto the toothbrush and then brush my teeth,,i looked at my teeth in the mirron after finished ,i washed my face and shaved my eyebrow,everthing was well down and then i walked to the kitchen beganing make my breakfast,i take two eggs out of the refrigerator and take the pot of the shelf,i want cook fired eggs,

after i have the breakfast,i walk down the staris and run around the building,i saw a man was climbing the side of the building ,i look at the man amonment,and i knew he repairs solar energy ,beacuse i saw his tools at the bottom of the building,i lift up my arm and wiggle my body and then going run,

i walked up the stairs and opened the door,im thirsty,i pour the water into the cup,and drink the water,suddenly i pour the water onto the floor,i have to clean the floor.

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