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To do a summarize to what I just listened.

A boy who is so interested in psychology and linguistic. Reasons for he liking it might be very interesting , psychology is related to the science of mental environment which people can change it and things can be changed, linguistic is about language learning, now you can guess a person who is either interested in psychology and linguistic, who the person is , have a result? The rest of the following content will tell you everything who the person is. The boy got to a university and tried to learn psychology very deeply and well.he discovered how the human self-talk is all about psychology, how your self-talk is have important impact for result to happen, besides when it comes to self talk a foreign language , the impact is so visual as though as when you use it to approach a foreign language, you can literally master it by just using self talk in another language. Have you ever discover when you’re seeing a person who doesn’t talk at all, and when rarely someone tries to speak to him, he responded very quickly and can speak very quickly as well very continuously,might because inside of himself he self talk all the time , or may selftalk inside philosophically.let’s our self talk today.

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    Let’s change our selftalk today

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