Lion’s Share

Lion’s share” is common in news English, what does the “Lion’s share” mean?

In fact, “Lion’s share” is an allusion.

The allusion comes from “Aesop’s Fables”, the story describes that lions ,wolves, foxes and jackals hunted a deer. When eating, the lion divides the deer into four parts, first saying that he is the king of beasts. He deserves the one; then he says that he is the most brave and deserves the one; and his wife and children deserve the one; as for the rest, it should belong to three companions, but the lion roars and says: ” If you have the courage, take it !”  The three companions scare and give up the food. Finally, the whole deer is exclusively owned by the lion.

Lion’s Share meansThe lion’s one.

Extended means “the largest, most or the best.”

So people often use the “lion’s share” to describe the “biggest or best part.”