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Long time no see

Hello! Peter, long time no see.

Hi! Long time no see John.

What have you been doing recently?

I went traveling.

OH? Where did you go?

I went to the Philippines. This is my second trip to the Philippines.

What about the Philippines?

Very good. sunshine, beach, diving, but also one unhappy thing.

What makes you unhappy?

I lost my luggage.

Isn’t it? That’s too bad.

But then I found my lost luggage.

That’s great. What language is spoken in the Philippines.

English and Tagalog are spoken in the Philippines.

Oh! How do you say “百合” in English?


How do you say “草莓冰激凌” in English?

Strawberry ice cream.

Please say that again.

Strawberry ice cream.

This is too difficult. Ha Ha!

What’s good to eat in the Philippines?

Coconut Mango Banana and Philippines food are also very good.

What do you like to eat?

I prefer to mango,But I like banana best.

That’s great. I’ll go to te Philippines for my nest trip.

Thank you ! Goodbye.


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