Making up situational dialogue ~ How much was it ?

The topic of today’s dialogue practice was talking about mobile phone prices. Based on the course dialogue, I tried to lengthen the situational dialogue and imagine how I would express it under such situation.

A: Check out my phone! My dad bought me a brand new one!
B: It’s cool! How much was it?
A: It’s six thousand and eighty-eight.
B: It’s too expensive.
A: The old model is cheaper; it’s only five thousand two hundred and eighty-eight.
B: Yes, it’s cheaper. But I still can’t afford it.
A: Ah ! I remember that Jenny has this old phone and she is considering selling it. It is said to only sell four thousand. You can consider buying from her.
B: Thank you for telling me this, I will visit Jenny.

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  1. 龙飞虎 Chris说道:

    For this “It is said to only sell four thousand.”, how does this way of writing it feel? “I hear she is selling it for only four thousand”.