met a Mongolia friends

today I met a friends on a APP , he come from Mongolia . he can speak English well and he want to learn Chinese . I want to learn English ,so we become friends .

he told me his Chinese name is “花千骨” , he asked me :”how about this name ” . I told he ,this is a beautiful girls name  . he was surprised , in he opinion ,this name means a handsome and strong man .

his friends told he ,”花”means handsome ,”千” means thousand of ,”骨” means muscle and bones  . so the name  “花千骨” means a handsome and strong man . exactly the opposite .

he told me his name is “巴特尔” .it’s a good name ,but he said every family has a “巴特尔”.

this evening 7 pm ,i told he :”it’s time for lunch” , exactly i want to eat dinner . but i forget how to say dinner .

it’s a nice day ,from now on ,I can practice with him . it’s helpful our learning . i don’t know which Chinese  level he is stay in .  he said he will call me when deeply night , I don’t know the meaning .

OK , insist to learn English , it’s make me glad  . 8 months later ,I can speak fluency English . I expect that day .

at last ,he told me his a Chinese person,he lie to me ,he is not a Mongolia . OK ,that’s not bad . why i don’t blame him , I told myself don’t angry with a stranger ,it’s not good . I need to thanks for he help   ,he help me correct my wrong grammar .

open you heart ,don’t let bad things full of your brain , you need a wise brain full of knowledge ,not full of angry . LOL